Step One

Make a contract with yourself

We will work together to become clear about your intentions, your short and long term goals. We will choose the appropriate ones, and write them down to create a contact with yourself.

Step Two

Shift into deeper consciousness where the treasure lies 

I will teach you to shift from the superficial plain of everyday living, to get beneath the surface and find your deep voice. I will help you discover the internal rhythms of your speech, and develop the tonality and rhythm of language that is uniquely yours.

Step Three

Shine the light on resistance & let go of socially acceptable excuses for not doing your work

We will work together to discover your particular ways of blocking your work, and to develop a series of foolproof ways to seduce and abandon your resistance, rather than your work.

Step Four

Explore the stuff that both terrifies & excites you  

Now that you’ve learned to subdue your resistance, you are ready to identify and befriend the stuff that grips your solar plexus. I will guide you as you hunt down your truth: your original art; the gem that you have to offer the world; the piece that hovers between what terrifies and what excites you.

Step Five

Tap into your deep voice and expand your range of voices so that you become flexible and nimble

Change in rhythm and tonality is what keeps any art interesting. Our brains need change. You will learn eight different voices from Jack Grapes Method Writing and you will become adept at changing voices.

Step Six

Grow up and deal with the marketplace

To succeed, to find satisfaction as an artist, you must confront the large marketplace that is before you, around you, and in fact lives in you as a consumer in this culture. I will help you to identify the prejudices that keep you from succeeding; to parse the marketplace and identify your place in it. You will become a professional.

Step Seven

Become a Warrior who lets nothing get in the way of producing

It’s all well and good to do your work, but without habits in place you will lose your way. Resistance will convince you that you must stop or change paths or just plain give up – it’s too hard. We will work together to develop the habits and rituals of a Warrior. This will keep you going in the toughest of times.