Manuscript Editing 

I love the process and puzzle of editing and uncovering the themes and intention of a writer’s work while keeping an eye on syntax and language, all the time maintaining the writer’s natural voice.  I help writers produce a book that works in the marketplace.  My role includes that of an editor, a coach, a collaborator and sometimes a ghostwriter. My extensive work in movies and television, gives me an instinct for projects which might adapt to television and films.


In addition to refining the language and the dialogue of my book, Kathrin Seitz helped me clarify the themes of my novel and identify the the arc of the story, bringing the characters more into focus. She also met every deadline upon which we agreed. I would recommend her strongly to any writer.
— Vahan Zanoyan, author The Doves of Ohanavank, A Place Far Away, and Sacred Sands

Private Coaching

I have been an independent editor for the last ten years, encouraging many of my clients to self-publish and helping them through the process. I particularly enjoy editing books in the areas of memoirs, spirituality, psychology, literary and popular fiction, young adult, political novels, contemporary non-fiction books, and anything French!

One of my passions is the combination of language and image. I have worked with photographers and artists to develop books that combine language and image. I have also worked with artists helping them create their artists’ statement.

Read more about coaching here.

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