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Writing from the Deep Voice — Videos

I recently had the honor of appearing on the Chris Wolf Show on Maine Coast TV. Watch to learn more about how I teach and work with writers. http://www.mainecoast.tv/2018/12/29/cws-2019-12-28-kathrin-seitz-writing-coach-watch-now/

The video below, produced by a student, gives you a look inside my writing workshops and why I do what I do.

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Method Writing

the Jack Grapes method

Method Writing, like Method Acting, stresses process, teaching the writer to work from the inside out. Kathrin has created a uniquely effective approach to Method Writing by combining her own rich experience with Jack Grapes' method. Jack Grapes, the founder of Method Writing, is LA's award-winning playwright and a member of Chicago's Second City.

Kathrin has the uncanny ability to see gold in your writing and encourage you to draw it out. When you combine this vision and care with her fireball personality, her wide-ranging creative background, her womanly intuition, and her fabulous sense of humor, you’ve got a combination that can’t be beat. In an industry filled with dust, Kathrin Seitz is a wild ruby!
— Victoriea LaBalme, Writer/Performance Artist/Coach