In partnership with Maine Media Workshops + College, I am teaching a week-long workshop for teens centered on finding the deep voice. Here’s the description.

Teens are at an age of self-exploration, discovery and purpose. Their lives and identities are fluid and changing. Writing is a powerful avenue to help harness their truth, empower them to believe in their words, and bring out their instincts and feelings. In this five-day intensive, students will begin to identify their own distinct voice, rhythm and tonality and help their classmates identify theirs. They will learn to write a scene with the help of exercises including Write Like You Talk, The Transformation Line and Image/Moment. Students will begin to notice their own style and feel empowerment within themselves. They will develop skills in listening and offering feedback in a safe creative and judgement-free space.

Above all, this is an inquiry, a search, an emphasis on play with a product in mind.

If you have a child, or a grandchild, consider this course. From beginners to novice, from those entering high school to those about to graduate, all levels and stages are welcome. For further details, click here: