It was a beautiful June evening, the moon promising to be full, when Judi Valentine and I spoke at the Lincolnville Community Library, a beautiful generous space, balanced and inviting. Our talk was titled “From Inspiration to Publication”.

The talk was set for 7 pm and, as is always true in Maine in my experience, people showed up on time. About twenty people, all interested in writing.  Writers, artists, musicians, seekers. I spoke for about 20 minutes about why we write, about Method Writing, and about Judi Valentine who had studied with me and gone on to publish a wonderful YA book called The Crystal Chain

After I assigned a writing exercise called Write Like You Talk, and several people stood up to read at the front of the room, we took a break, answered questions and ate chocolate and strawberries. The sun had moved in the sky and the light was soft and welcoming.

Judi spoke about her journey as a writer, her interest in crystals, science fiction and astrophyshics and space, as well as her desire to have a positive impact on the world. And then she read from her book.

By the time we had cleared the space and put all the pieces together, the moon had risen and we were ready to celebrate.