We called her Batilda – Cheryl, Erik and I - her rescue team. We found her hooked onto the inside of a kitchen screen. We thought we'd leave her there until nightfall but we noticed that she migrated during the early morning from the lower part of the screen to the upper left hand corner. Afraid that she might cook in the heat, we called Avian Haven and asked what to do. AH suggested we rescue her from the screen and transfer her to a tree trunk outside, a trunk that would have a rough surface so that she could hold on. Erik, using his handy bat glove gently eased her off the window and together we moved her outside to the tree trunk. Erik told her not to worry. He whispered "You're ok honey. You're ok."  How Sweet!

Her response to these sweet nothings?  Hisssssss and a high sharp melody of sssssssssttt. And a deeply angry expression. To emphasize her point, she raised her right wing. Yes darling, I thought, we are impressed. I understood in that moment the appeal of the Batman film trilogy.  Wow!