Scholarships Available!


Two fantastic scholarship opportunities are available through the Maine Writers & Publisher’s Alliance. These scholarships were established in memory of Elizabeth Ilgenfritz; a long-time member of MWPA, dedicated writer and a dear friend. 

Consider applying and please share this email with others who might want to apply, as well. Such a great opportunity for local female writers!



Maureen Egan Talk - NEW DATE: Feb 25 at 4:00 p.m.

Kathrin’s student Maureen Egan has rescheduled her talk about the healing qualities of art making. A painter and writer, Egan has recently published a book, The Light From Here: A Brest Cancer Story, that includes both. 

She will tell her 10-year journey into art on Saturday, February 25, at 4 pm at the Camden Public Library’s Picker Room, with a snow date of Sunday, the 26th at 3pm. (Note that time for the snow date is one hour earlier. The library will post on its website in case of snow cancellation.) 

Dagney Ernest from the Camden Herald recently profiled Egan in the art’s section. Here’s the link to her story:



Another success story!

Vahan Zanoyan, whose novel I edited this summer, has just published The Sacred Sands. The book received a great review (excerpted below) by Charles Remington on Readers' Favorite ( If you are interested in the Middle East, this is a terrific and informative novel that is a must-read! 

Check out his two other books, also available for purchase on Amazon.

Readers’ Favorite Review (excerpt) of The Sacred Sands - Review by Charles Remington (Five Stars)

“The scope of this novel is breathtaking - there are so many thought-provoking instances, enlightening observations and astute analyses that it is difficult to know where to begin. Let me say this right away, you will enjoy reading this book as a simple thriller. The Secret Sands is very well written with an intriguing plot that will keep you hooked to the very end. What you will also gain from the book is a clear analysis of the problems in the Middle East, the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism and the way that we in the West view the region, from the pen of someone who has a deep understanding of this area. Vahan Zanoyan is a consummate storyteller and has managed to present an incredibly complex subject in a clear, erudite, and most certainly entertaining way. I urge you to read this book - it is the most accomplished novel I have read this year and I can thoroughly recommend it.”



Happy Writing New Year!

I attended a webinar, in late 2016 taught by a former client from my days teaching in NYC. She has become a renowned coach and communicator. I was struck by something Victoria asked and I’d like you all to consider an answer to the questions she posed.

What is the through line to your story (we’ve talked about this). That is, what is the force that drives the story? What is the passion that drives you to tell the story?

What is your noble intention in writing the story or any story? I know this sounds Buddhist, and it probably is, but it’s a good and basic question. And, yes, I do want you to take yourself seriously as an artist in the world.

What is the nobility behind your work?

What do you want the audience (reader) to know, do and feel after they have heard or read your story?

These are interesting questions and might help you gain a new perspective on your work. You could ask, as well, the noble intention of the narrator of your story or stories.

I am aware that we all experience bouts of insecurity and doubt, and maybe we’re afraid of being critiqued. But one of the most noticeable characteristics of the accomplished and, pardon the expression, famous people I’ve known in my life is humility. And the second characteristic is wonder and curiosity. If you, as writers and creators, can remember that you are serving the audience, not your own ego, then you will be able to slow down, bow to the work you are creating, and get better and better as artists.

To learn more about Victoria, watch her TEDx talk or sign up for one of her webinars: